Coronavirus Information Page

This page will be updated as it relates to the Village of Westchester response to the Coronavirus.  General health information can be obtain by visiting the CDC website here. Other information can be obtained by visiting the the Cook County Department of Public Heath website and the Illinois Department of Public Health website. The State of Illinois has created a page for information and resources.

Updated  Policy and Procedures being implemented by the village related to COVID-19 - Read here. 

A financial resources page has been created and will be updated as valuable economic resources become available during and after this pandemic. 

Village Hall offices are closed to the public until further notice -  Please call 9-1-1 with any emergencies.
Updates regarding the status will be posted here.

Press release issued by the Village Manager on March 28, 2020 - Read here

Village President Local State of Emergency Declaration - Read here

Police, Fire and Public Works personnel are still working during this time to provide various services throughout the village.  If you have an emergency of any kind,  call 9-1-1 to report your emergency. 

Police Non-Emergency can be reached at 708-345-0060

Fire Department Non-Emergency can be reached at 708-345-0433

Village Hall Offices can be reached at 708-345-0020

Public Works can be reached at 708-345-0041

The Police and Fire Departments have both posted a notice regarding their changes in responses as it relates to Coronavirus. 

Police Notice                                          Fire Notice

In addition to monitoring the CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health, Cook County Department of Public Health and State of Illinois website for COVID-19 updates