2020 Referendum Information

Telephone Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday October 27, 2020 at 7:30pm dial in at 708-581-7326.

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Telephone Town Hall Meeting September 22, 2020 7pm - Watch the Facebook Video of the meetingWatch the Video

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The largest portion of our infrastructure is literally under our feet—or our tires. The Village’s pavement network allows residents and commerce to move from place to place, provides for efficient response time during emergencies, and offers safe bus routes to get children to school. Paved roads are, by far, the nation’s primary mode of transportation. For this reason, rebuilding, maintaining and preserving the condition of our pavement should be a top priority.

The aftereffects of serious winter storms can serve to remind us of the generally poor state of local roadway networks throughout the Village. The reoccurring potholes, crumbling roadway edges, and new and deeper cracks that emerge in late winter and early spring are a fact of life, due largely to Chicago area’s freeze/thaw cycles. 

The Village had a report prepared by Christopher Burke Engineering that studied our roadway infrastructure and it found that 33 percent of our roads are in poor or very poor condition. Funding to repair and rebuild roads is woefully inadequate, has been limited over the years.  

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Questions?   Please email us with any questions you may have about this referendum. bonds@westchester-il.org