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Home Flood-Proofing Assistance Program
About the Program

The Village of Westchester is served by separate storm and sanitary sewers.  During some intense rains, the capacity of the sanitary sewer system is not adequate to carry the peak flow, resulting in pressurized sewers.  When pressurized, the sewage can backflow through house sewers into basements if there is no backflow prevention.

The Village has decided to help the owners of owner-occupied single family homes and two-flats defray a portion of the costs of providing protection from the backup of sewage in the basement.  The grant program’s intent is to offset a portion of the expense that a property owner will incur to revise the house plumbing such that sewage cannot backflow into the house when the sanitary sewer is pressurized.  To revise the house plumbing, there are three basic options available to the property owner, as listed below:

1)      Modification of the soil stack to direct flow out of the house in a new OVERHEAD SEWER and the elimination of all gravity drainage below the basement floor slab.

2)    Installation of an interior or exterior BACKFLOW PREVENTION VALVE and bypass pump on the house lateral in an underground vault.

3)   LIFT STATION system with an inside or outside underground vault. 



Each approach has different costs and degrees of property owner disruption, as well as different implications on the homeowner’s use of the revised plumbing.

A license plumber can determine which option best serves your need.

Updates or enhancements to current overhead sewer or lift station systems are not eligible for this program, however, replacement of an old system is eligible under this program.


Eligibility Requirements

ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES:  This program is limited to single family or two-flat residences within the Village of Westchester.  Any property owner owing past due amounts to the Village of Westchester shall not be eligible for reimbursement under this program. 

ELIGIBLE REIMBURSEMENTS:  The success of the program depends on following a clear set of guidelines which set forth the Village’s policy on which costs are and which costs are not eligible for reimbursement by the Village.  The following guidelines are set for eligible and non-eligible costs:

Eligible Costs:  Only the following eligible costs which were incurred after April 18, 2013 shall be eligible for consideration for reimbursement:

  • Cost of location, excavation and exposure of the house lateral, including the support of existing structures, for connection of a new overhead sewer to the existing lateral.
  • Cost of a new sump pit, sump pump, and associated electrical and plumbing work needed to lift drainage from basement plumbing fixtures to an overhead sewer.
  • Cost of trenching and concrete floor replacement.
  • Cost of installing a backflow prevention valve with a bypass (new sump and sump pump in an underground vault) and associated electrical and plumbing work.
  • Applicable permits fees.

Non-Eligible Costs

  • Removal and replacement of interior basement walls and finishes.
  • Use of materials not meeting the requirements of the Village’s Guideline Specifications.
  • Planting of new landscaping (bushes or trees) other than grass.
  • New electrical panels and/or upgrading the house electrical supply.


1)  Overhead sewer system limited to 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of $2,000.00.

2)  Backflow prevention valve with a bypass pump limited to 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of $2,000.00.

3)  Lift station system with an inside or outside underground vault limited to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of $2,000.00.

4)  Clean check valve limited to 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of $1,000.00. 

5)  Glass block windows or retaining wall limited to 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of $500.00.

A construction permit is required from the Village’s Building Department.  As an added cost benefit, fees associated with obtaining the required construction permit will be waived.

For complete program details, please click here.