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Municipal Code
The Village of Westchester's municipal code is organized and formatted by MuniCode.  Please click here or the MuniCode logo below and a new window will open to allow you to begin browsing or searching the Village of Westchester's code book.
The online Municipal Code Book was last updated by MuniCode on November 30, 2016.
Ordinance Number   Description
 16-2201  Amending Chapter 5.36, entitled "Liquor Sale," of Title 5, entitled "Business Licenses and Regulations," of the Westchester Municipal Code
 16-2202 Amending Chapter 2.60, entitled "Water Department", of Title 2, entitled "Administration and Personnel", of the Westchester Municipal Code
 16-2203 Amending Chapter 11.35, entitled "Seizure and Impoundment of Motor Vehicles Used in the Commission of Certain Offenses", of Title 11, entitled "Vehicles and Traffic", of the Westchester Municipal Code of the Village of Westchester, Illinois
 16-2205 Amending Section 14.36.015, entitled "Modifications - Insertions, Additions, Deletions and Modifications," and Section 14.36.105, entitled "Mandatory Connection of Fire Alarm Services to Village Receiving Equipment," of Chapter 14.36, entitled "Fire Prevention Code," of Title 14, entitled "Buildings and Construction," of the Westchester Municipal Code