Contractor Information

How to Become a Registered Contractor

All Contractors must be registered in the Village of Westchester. Registration is per calendar year January 1st-December 31st.


1. Liability Insurance: Please attach a copy of your liability insurance which:

  1. The certificate must include the Village of Westchester as ADDITIONAL INSURED AND CERTIFICATE HOLDER. This form is typically a CG2010 or CG 2026, and a CG2001, CG2012 (Permit Only) or a blanket form, as least as broad.

  2. Minimum Requirements: $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage.

  3. The certificate must show WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION insurance. If you are self employed, please provide a letter on your letterhead stating that you are not required to carry Workmen's Compensation.

**Please note: No certificate of insurance is required for Illinois licensed plumbers

 2. Bond: Please provide a $25,000 LICENSE AND PERMIT BOND. The bond must accompany this application. A copy or fax is acceptable to issue the permit, but the original must be signed and mailed to Village of Westchester. **Please note: No bond is required for Illinois licensed plumbers or Illinois licensed private alarm companies

3. Registration Fee: General Contractor $200.00

Subcontractor $100.00

Waste Haulers/Dumpsters $600.00

Illinois licensed plumbers No Fee

Fee for working without registering Additional 50% of the registration fee

4. Licenses:

State Plumbers License: Please provide a copy of your Illinois State Plumbing Contractor Registration (055) AND one of the following:

a. Illinois State Plumbers License (058); or

b. City of Chicago Plumbers License

State Roofers License

State Private Alarm Contractors License

Electricians License (I.D. Card will NOT be accepted.)

Contractor's Registration Application.