Frequently Asked Questions

Village FAQ's


Q. How often am I billed for my water and refuse?
A. You are billed on a monthly basis.

Q. How do I pay my water bill?
A. The Village offers four options to pay your water bill.

  • Option 1: Pay in person, at Village Hall, Village Hall hours of operation are as follows;Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM & third Wednesday of every month the offices remain open until 7:00PM
  • Option 2: Utilize E-pay services to pay online, Go to, click the e-payment icon in the middle of the page and follow the instructions to submit payment
  • Option 3: Use the preaddressed return envelope included with your bill to submit payment by check to our lockbox.
  • Option 4: Set up automatic debit payment from your checking or savings account.

Q. Do you accept credit cards for payment?
A. Yes. Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express. 

Q. How can I get an extension on my water billing due date?
A. The village allows for extensions and payment plan arrangements one time every 12 months. By coming in and filling out a Hardship Hearing Request form, you will be allowed to defer your billing due date, and you will be assigned a hearing date to make a payment plan arrangement. This process will ensure that there is no interruption in serve. For further information contact the Utility Billing Dept.

Q. How do I get a final reading on my water meter?
A. Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 708-345-0020.


Q. Do you have a local vehicle tax?
A. Yes. The Village of Westchester requires you to purchase a local vehicle sticker on an annual basis. New residents are provided a 30 day grace period to obtain their sticker. Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall during normal business hours. Residents must bring in their vehicle registration (Secretary of State), with their updated address in order to be issued a Village vehicle sticker.

Q: What do I need to bring in to get a vehicle sticker?
A: You need to bring in either the pre-printed form OR the registration for your license plate


Q. How often does the Village pick up branches?
A. Village Branch pick- up runs from April to November and branches are picked up once a month on the first full week of the month.

Q. What is my pick- up day for branches?
A. See this link for the branch pick-up map/ schedule.

Q. I put my branches out late or missed branch pick-up. Can the Village come back and pick them up?
A. We ask that your branches be put out on the parkway no later than 7am on your designated pick up day. Due to time schedule and other workload responsibilities the Village cannot guarantee that we can pick up branches that are put out late unless the route for that day is finished early.

Q. I had my landscaper prune my trees and remove some bushes. Can the Village pick them up?
A. No, the Village does not pick up branches cut by landscapers. They are responsible for their own brush removal.

Q. What is the last day for yard waste pick-up?
A. The last day for yard waste pick-up by Waste Management is updated on the Public Works webpage.

Q. Can I rake my leaves in to the street?
A. We ask that you do not rake leaves into the street as this causes sewer problems, clogs the storm sewers and creates unsafe driving conditions. The Village distributes a packet of leaf bags to each residence for your convenience.

Q. There is a dead animal in the street in front of my house. Will the Village pick it up?
A. The Village will pick up dead animals that are in the right of way, i.e. the street. Please call the Public Works Department at 708-345-0041 for this service. We do not pick up dead animals on private property.


Q. Can I register to vote at Village Hall?
A. No. While the Village Hall has contact information to assist you with registering, all voter registration is completed through the Cook County Clerk's office.

Q. Do I have to license my pet?
A. Yes, Village code requires both dogs and cats to be licensed. Current rabies vaccination information is required upon licensing. There is no fee for such license.

Q. Is a license required to operate a business in town?
A. All businesses must be licensed. The licensing process begins by making application to the Village Clerk. The application can be downloaded from the Village website here  or obtained at Village Hall.

Q. When selling my property, does the village have a transfer tax?
A. No. However you are required to obtain a certificate of compliance through the Community Development Department. Please call 708-345-0199 to schedule your home compliance inspection.

Q: Where can I pick up a Food Pantry basket and how often?
A: Food Pantry items can be picked up every Friday, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Email for more information.

Q: Where can I donate to the Food Pantry?
A: At the Westchester Village Hall during regular business hours.

Q: Who can I contact to volunteer at the Westchester Food Pantry?
A: Kathleen Franzwa at 312-933-6994 or Amanda Grant at 630-766-2066

Q: Do you offer Temporary Handicap placards?
A: Yes, we offer temporary (3 months) placards, providing the correct state forms are filled out by your doctor.