Branch Pickup

Public Works Branch Pickup Schedule

Village branch pickup occurs on the first full week of the month from April through November, unless otherwise noted.

All brush must be put out on the front parkway no later than 7:00 a.m. on the designated pickup day. Branches can be up to 7 feet in length and stacked with the butt ends facing the street in the same direction. If not stacked properly, a “restack” notice will be left. Public Works Crews will only pass through a designated pickup area once due to time schedule and other workload responsibilities.

Thursday and Friday are Open Load days for pickup of any brush that will not fit through the chipper, such as logs, stumps, and large limbs.

Please make every effort to cut oversized limbs/stumps for one employee to lift and to remove the dirt from the root ball to allow for pickup. Landscaping contractors are responsible for their own brush pickup and disposal.

Please note the following schedule for Public Works branch pickup:

MONDAY: From Mannheim Road west to Wolf road and from Canterbury south to Windsor-including both sides of Windsor Drive. Also, Waterford, Waverly, Camelot and Concord.

TUESDAY: Roosevelt Road south to Cermak Road-from Gardner Road west to Mannheim Road.

WEDNESDAY: From Roosevelt Road north to the expressway and from Gardner Road west to Mannheim Road. Also, Roosevelt Road south to Canterbury from Haase west to Heidorn.

THURSDAY: From Belleview west to Wolf Road, Martindale Drive to 31st Street

Click here for a map of the branch pickup schedule.

Waste Management Branch Pickup

Waste Management will also pick up your branches as long as they aretied in bundles no more than 4 feet in length. These can be picked up on your regular garbage/yard waste day every week.

Yard waste stickers are available free of charge at the Public Works Department and Village Hall, limit two per person.