Milton A Svec Associates

10526 W Cermak Rd Ste 114 Westchester, IL 60154
Milton A. Svec was licensed to practice law. He and Joseph E. Serhant formed a partnership that lasted until 1976. In 1976, Milton formed Milton A. Svec & Associates and hired Richard A. Rock in 1977. In 1980, he hired his son, David M. Svec. Milton taught Richard and David to be advocates for their clients. On July 5, 1985, Milton died. David continued the law firm as Milton A. Svec Associates. David and Richard continue to this day working in the same office representing the best interests of their clients. Our goal in practicing law is to satisfy our clients' legal needs. Sometimes that is achieving what they desire, other times it is explaining the law to them and achieving a result that is in their best interest. In most matters, the best result is an agreement acceptable to the client resulting in less stress on the client and less time and expense for the attorneys.