Hanrahan Investigations Inc

9914 Derby Ln Suite 201 Westchester, IL 60154
The Hanrahan Investigations Group is a privately-held corporation originally founded by Edward R. Hanrahan in 1956 as Hanrahan Investigations. Over the past 50+ years valuable contacts and sources have been developed that enable Hanrahan Investigations Group to satisfy its clients' needs. Chris, John, and Dan Hanrahan are the management core of the company. Each partner possesses an impressive level of expertise with respect to the responsibilities of the group's clients. Additionally, the group's staff is comprised of investigators, including former FBI agents, local governmental and police personnel along with technically trained personnel. Hanrahan Investigations has an ongoing relationship with Western Illinois University Law Enforcement and Justice Administration Department through an internship program. Hanrahan Investigations is compelled to assist, mentor and train young investigators to become professionals in the litigation industry.