Westchester Business Spotlight

The Westchester Economic Development Committee has launched the Business Spotlight initiative to celebrate the incredible local businesses in our community. Each month, one business will be featured across our Village newsletter, e-newsletter, and website. Do you know a business that deserves to be in the spotlight? Drop us a suggestion at info@westchester-il.gov Let's show some love for the businesses that enrich our community!
Alpine Banquet Haus
Joseph Tousek, the owner of Alpine Banquet Haus, embarked on his culinary journey in 1968, pursuing a Master’s degree in Chef, Pastry, and Bartending, followed by four years of hospitality business school
Sha-Poppin’ Gourmet Popcorn
Her dream started with a bowl of popcorn and the iconic Julia Child. At just 9 years old, Stacy H. Armstrong found herself mesmerized by Julia Child on the television in her living room, crafting brandy-flavored popcorn right on the stove. Inspired, Stacy thought, "If Julia can do it, why can't I?" And just like that, she did. Her brothers' enthusiasm for her delectable creations steered her towards her passion for crafting gourmet popcorn.
Westchester Lock & Key
Westchester Lock & Key, a pillar of our community for over 48 years, located at 10052 W Roosevelt Rd.