Sha-Poppin’ Gourmet Popcorn

Sha-Poppin’ Gourmet Popcorn
Her dream started with a bowl of popcorn and the iconic Julia Child. At just 9 years old, Stacy H. Armstrong found herself mesmerized by Julia Child on the television in her living room, crafting brandy-flavored popcorn right on the stove. Inspired, Stacy thought, "If Julia can do it, why can't I?" And just like that, she did. Her brothers' enthusiasm for her delectable creations steered her towards her passion for crafting gourmet popcorn.
Cooking always intrigued Stacy, yet it was popcorn that truly captured her heart. Starting modestly with a few corporate events and some online orders, she soon found her niche. Stacy's flavor repertoire expanded, and so did her business, attracting attention for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and even from customers across state lines and abroad. Stacy attributes the growth of her business to the powerful word-of-mouth endorsements, but it was her relentless drive and dedication that led her to operate out of a small commercial kitchen in Chicago. Her ambition didn't stop there; Stacy's popcorn reached people across the U.S., Spain, Germany, and several other countries, even garnering purchases from giants like Sony and Cartoon Network. Despite her success, Stacy dreamt of opening a brick-and-mortar store where customers could immerse themselves in the enchanting aroma of freshly popped popcorn. As a proud resident of Westchester, she was determined to contribute to and be supported by her local community.
In 2018, Stacy opened her first storefront at the northeast corner of Mannheim and Roosevelt, overcoming numerous challenges including the difficult task of securing a business loan. The gourmet popcorn venture was funded through personal savings and sheer perseverance. However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant threat shortly after opening. Undeterred, Stacy continued to adapt and grow. By 2023, Stacy found a new home for her business at 1917 S Mannheim Road, thanks to the support of local leaders.
Sha-Poppin' began with 15 popcorn flavors and has since exploded to over 130, ranging from the classic movie theater butter to the inventive peach cobbler. Stacy's creativity knows no bounds, often experimenting with new seasonings in the middle of the night. With such a vast array of flavors, Sha-Poppin' ensures there's something for everyone. Beyond popcorn, the shop offers ice cream and recently introduced Coca-Cola products. Customers can also support the Sha-Poppin’ brand by purchasing merchandise like branded mugs, t-shirts, and water bottles. The shop's annual "El Diablo Challenge" dares customers to consume a bowl of Stacy's spiciest popcorn in 10 minutes, a task so intense that gloves are required! Among the myriad of flavors, the 24-karat gold popcorn stands out, boasting real gold flakes, vanilla bourbon caramel, and aged imported salt. As real gold is used, this flavor can be more costly than others, but those who buy it say the specialty packaging and the uniqueness of the flavor make it well worth it!
Stacy's passion extends beyond popcorn; she is deeply committed to her community, shopping locally and engaging with fellow business owners. She mentors young employees, teaching them valuable life and work skills through initiatives like "Motivating Mondays" and "Skills for Life." Inspired by her mother's lifelong dedication to community service, volunteering and feeding the homeless, Stacy feels a profound duty to give back. In Stacy's words, "It takes a village to make it happen." We are so glad Stacy and Sha-Poppin’ have chosen Westchester to be that Village, all thanks to Julia Child and a batch of brandy popcorn.

Sha-Poppin Gourmet Popcorn
1917 S. Mannheim Road, Westchester, IL 60154
Phone: 877-SHAPOP1 (877-742-7671)
Find us on Facebook: ShapoppinGourmetPopcorn
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