Tree Inventory

The Village contracted Great Lakes Urban Forestry Management to complete an extensive Tree Inventory in 2023, surveying a total of 6,845 trees and identifying 1,701 potential planting spaces on public property.

This milestone, coupled with the upcoming Forestry Management Plan, equips us with essential data to effectively manage and strategically enhance the Village's urban forest. 

The Tree Inventory is not a one-time effort but a living website. It will be regularly updated to reflect new plantings and any tree removals, ensuring our strategies remain responsive to the Village's evolving needs.


Following the initial comprehensive data collection, the consultant loaded all the data into a GIS portal, followed by thorough training sessions for our staff on how to use the new system. Now, it is available for your exploration below!

Want to read all about it? Click here for the Executive Summary

Click here to view the Tree Inventory!