Press Releases

On 2/15/23 at 10:13 am Westchester Fire Department was dispatched for a residential structure fire on the 10600 block Dorchester Street.
On 1/23/2023 at 3:56pm hours the Westchester Fire Department for a house on fire in the 1500 block of Evers Ave.  
On Monday January 16, 2023 at 16:59, the Westchester Fire Department was dispatched for a residential structure fire on 10500 block of Windsor Drive.
Part of the Westchester Fire Department effort to increase cardiac survival in the Village includes addressing CPR/AED training and enabling early defibrilation.

Lieutenant Biskup, Lieutenant Middendorf and Firefighter/ Paramedic Perzyna completed the Fireground Company Officer School at the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute. All three were challenged physically and mentally throughout the week. Chief Mavageorge came down to participate and say thank you for the dedication to making themselves better leaders and firefighters in Westchester 

This week Westchester Fire Department conducted live-fire training at the Elmhurst Fire Department training facility. Firefighters from Elmhurst, Broadview, and Hillside participated in the training. Firefighters practiced search, rescue; hoseline advancement; and fire extinguishment involving basement fires.
Westchester Firefighters attend 3 days of training on Active Threat Integrated Response Course thru Louisiana State University.