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Westchester Police stopped by the Westchester Chamber of Commerce meeting today to discuss Burglary prevention tips to business owners.

The Westchester Police Department on Janaury 14, 2023 partnered with the Cook County Sheriff Office and hosted a Make your Vehicle Ugly Event. In an effort to deter motor vehicle thefts & car jackings,

Kia & Hyundai Car Theft Prevention
Automakers, Hyundai & Kia, have just announced a software upgrade available for 8.3 million U.S. vehicles to help prevent the vehicles from starting during a method of theft popularized on TikT...
The Radarsign TC-400 is a portable radar speed sign designed to easily be moved and used in different locations. Below are the current traffic data collected.  Police Officers have been assigned to these location to enforce traffic violations from the data collected.
Free Firearm Locks
To promote the safe storage of firearms, the Westchester Police Department offers trigger and cable locks to prevent children and unauthorized people from accessing unsecured weapons.
Winter Safety Tips
Here are some safety tips for preparing your vehicle and yourself for trips to visit family or to the mall during the holiday season.
Community Alert - Stolen Vehicles
Westchester Police Department is alerting residents to be vigilant in the prevention of motor vehicle thefts in the Village. Police are reminding residents to call 911 immediately to report any sus...
Village Ordinance states that on any sidewalk or parkway, except at a residence between the hours of ten p.m. and six a.m. if the vehicle is parked on the driveway, and except on a parkway where pa...