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Ride to School with the Police
Divine Providence School held a raffle earlier this year, to ride in a police car to school. This morning School Resource Officer Aguirre and Community Service Officer Kosir picked up the 3rd grade...
Life Saving Award September 2023
Community Service Officer Wilson was given a Life Savings Award by Village President Greg Hribal at the Village Board meeting September 12, 2023 for her dedicated service.   
Back to School Safety
The first day of school is Wednesday. Here are some important reminder and tips from the Westchester Police Department. Please be sure to comply to keep everyone safe during the school year.
Contractor Fraud: How to Spot It and Avoid It
Are you planning to hire a contractor for home improvement work? Be aware of the signs of contractor fraud so you can protect yourself from being scammed.
Here are some common red flags to watch out for:
Cyber Security Tips
In today's interconnected world, cyber threats are everywhere, and protecting your digital life is essential. Follow these simple steps to safeguard your online presence:
Life-Saving Award #23-01353
On July 25th, 2023 at the Village Board meeting, Selena Herra was presented a life-saving award by Westchester Police Chief Daniel Babich.
Village President Greg Hribal administered the oath of office to newly promoted Deputy Chief Michael Fellers and Sergeant Joseph Rizzo. Congratulations to Deputy Chief Fellers and Sergeant Rizzo. 
The Village of Westchester will be offering individuals a special opportunity for a 21-day Red Light Camera Ticket Amnesty Program for those that still have outstanding unpaid Red-Light Camera violations in the Village of Westchester.
In recent week the Westchester Police Department has received calls about solicitors in the area. The only active solicitor permits on file with the Police Department are for United Meters Incorporated who are doing the meter replacement work in the Village.
Traffic Safety Campaign Numbers
The Westchester Police Department conducted a traffic safety campaign July 6th-31st reminding motorists to slow down to save lives. The speed enforcement effort was conducted Westchester and other ...