About the Pavement Management Program

The pavement management program consists of maintenance, repair and replacement of village streets. Public Works maintains an inventory of street conditions to determine the type of program that yields the longest pavement life and best fits the current budget. Each year we streets in our 50 mile system being reconstructed with full depth pavement.

We are also performing a partial depth grind and over lay project placing asphalt on local streets. The partial depth grinding is meant to extend the service life of the street so we replace only part of the roadway. It is typical for us to replace the edges of the street, where most of the street failure begins. We also patch pot holes and seal cracks using in house staff and equipment.

A number of strategies exist for a street management program. The choice depends on the advantages and disadvantages of each method. From routine pot hole patching, grind and overlay, crack sealing, seal coating to reconstruction, each alternative has a cost and life expectancy. By extending the service life of our street system we can achieve the highest value for the resources we spend.