Liquor Commission

10300 W Roosevelt Rd
Westchester, IL 60154

Liquor License Application. Please indicate on page two (2) that you intend to renew your application – if you wish to change your liquor classification, indicate “new” and complete the entire packet. You will be contact for further discussion. For renewals, indicate any changes that have occurred within your organization, of which the Village is not already aware, on pages five (5) through nineteen (19). If there are no changes to your organizational structure, these pages may remain blank and we will consider your previous application to be correct. Your liquor license renewal request will not be considered complete unless pages twenty (20) through twenty-two (22) are filled in, signed, and notarized. It is vital that the Village maintain an accurate record of contact information of any and all staff that may sell or serve alcohol in your organization. In addition to the contact information, you must submit any BASSET cards for employees who the Village did not previously have listed.