Vehicle stickers may be purchased at any time throughout the year. They are valid for one year, from May 1 through April 30. Vehicle sticker fees double after April 30. 

Residents are reminded that they must purchase a vehicle sticker for all vehicles housed in Westchester, as well as for all vehicles that are registered through the State of Illinois with a Westchester address. For example, vehicles that may be used at a second residence that are registered to their Westchester address are required to have a Westchester vehicle sticker.

All vehicles on Pelham St and Gardner Rd require an additional "P" Parking Sticker - available at Village Hall for no additional charge. 

Vehicle stickers can be purchased online at the link below or in person at Village Hall.

Note: On January 23, 2024, the Village Board approved Ordinance 2024-2295 to eliminate the vehicle sticker fee for residents with an active military identification card or a Veterans Designation on his/her driver's license and to increase the fees for other classifications. These changes are reflected below in the current rates. 

Purchase 2024 Sticker Online

Vehicle Classification Through April 30 May 1 & After
Regular passenger or RV vehicle sticker $40 $80
Auto vehicle sticker for senior citizens (must be 65 years of age by April 30 or older) - limited to one vehicle per owner $24 $48
Auto vehicle sticker for residents with an active military identification card or a Veterans Designation on their driver's license - $0 rate is limited to one vehicle per qualifying resident. Additional sticker for this classification is $24. $0 $0
Auto vehicle sticker for Illinois Antique Vehicle License Plate $15 $30
Auto vehicle sticker for Illinois Disabled Person License Plate on a passenger car or RV  $15 $30
Motorcycle, motor bicycle, or motor scooter $36 $72
Class 2 truck (Illinois B plate) $70 $140
Class 3 truck (Illinois C plate or heavier) $80 $160
Commercial Vehicle Parking - Any motor vehicle bearing any class license plate that displays any commercial decals or commercial lettering. Only one per address. $75 $150