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Street Maintenance
Between April 1 and November 30, except as otherwise posted 11.32.160(b) of the Municipal Code), it is unlawful to park any vehicle, or to permit any vehicle to remain parked, during certain w...
Withdrawl of Warning Notice
The Village of Westchester has issued a statement on the withdrawl of Warning notice related to Temporary Campaign/Political Signs.
Branch & Yard Waste Pickup
Village branch and yard waste collection begins the week of April 10, 2023.  Yard waste stickers are available free of charge at Village Hall, and limit two per person. Learn more at ...
Village Sticker Art Contest
The Village of Westchester and Westchester Ecological Commission (GROW) would like to congratulate the three winners that participated in the 2023 Village Sticker Contest.
Pilo Polo & Floor Hockey
Pilo Polo and instructional floor hockey for ages 3 1/2 to 2nd grade! Register Here. $65 for residents and $75 for non residents.
Floor Hockey Open Gym
Open Gym floor hockey 3rd thru 8th grade begins February 23, 2023 on Thursdays. $3 resident drop in, and $6 non-resident drop in.  More Information Here  
Code Red Notification System
Village of Westchester CodeRED Emergency Notification SystemThe CodeRED® Emergency Notification System is a high-speed telephone communication service the Village uses to notify residents and businesses of an emergency, urgent situation, Village Events that requires attention.
Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
On July 16th, 2022, the U.S. transitioned to using the 988-dialing code, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen and expand the existing Lifeline. 988 is a direct connection for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress.