The Village of Westchester encourages community cooperation and involvement to build community spirit, meet neighbors and enjoy the summer. One way to promote neighborhood communication is through hosting a block party.

Residents that are interested in hosting a block party are asked to fill out and submit a block party registration form. Once approved Department of Public works will provide barricades a day before and pick up a day or two after the scheduled event. The Village does ask that residents comply with Village Ordinances regarding noise and host events. between 11am and 11pm only.

Applications for a block party permit shall be accompanied by a written consent form signed by at least two-thirds of the dwellings and businesses on the section of street to be used. Each dwelling or business need have only one adult occupant or owner sign the consent.

Further questions can be answered by calling Public Works at 708-345-0041

Please answer the following questions:

Event location (i.e. Heidorn Ave. from Canterbury St. to Charles St.) – request may only be one (1) block long (street intersection to street intersection).

Event times are not allowed before 11am or past 11pm.

General Information

Barricades will be placed at the corner of from/to streets by DPW the day before and collected the day after (Saturday/Sunday will be dropped Friday and collected Monday). The host is responsible for setting up/taking down barricades.

Request for a fire truck/police squad for children’s entertainment can be made here but is dependent upon calls and scheduling.:

By checking this box, I agree that I have read and agree to the rules outlined in our Municipal Code & Ordinances regarding block parties 5.100.010 - 5.100.070.

Upload written consent form

Upon approval, a physical permit will be issued, which you will pick up at Village Hall.