The Village of Westchester is served by separate storm and sanitary sewers. During some intense rains, the capacity of the sanitary sewer system is not adequate to carry the peak flow, resulting in pressurized sewers. When pressurized, the sewage can backflow through house sewers into basements if there is no backflow prevention.

The Village has decided to help the owners of single family homes and two-flats defray a portion of the costs of providing protection from the backup of sewage in the basement. The grant program’s intent is to offset a portion of the expense that a property owner will incur to revise the house plumbing or install a standby generator such that sewage cannot backflow into the house when the sanitary sewer is pressurized.

A construction permit is required from the Village’s Building Department. As an added cost benefit, fees associated with obtaining the required construction permit will be waived.

Application for Flood Rebate Program